Mahinawa Specialist School

(04) 238 4314 1b Takapuwahia Dr, Takapuwahia, Porirua 5022


Kia Ora!  Talofa Lava!  Bula Vinka!  Taloha Ni! 


Our Promise to Parents

We accept the responsibility given to us by parents when they enrol their child in our school, promising to: 

  • care and protect every child and provide a safe environment for them
  • accept  every child and to treat them with dignity and respect
  • value the contributions every child makes to our school community and to enjoy their individuality 
  • communicate with parents and keep them central in any decisions around their child's care and education
  • provide opportunites for every child to grow, to be their best and to learn within a curriculum tailored to their needs
  • keep learning ourselves so that we are abreast of new developments in education and therapy